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Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the treatment to remove infected or inflamed tissue inside of the tooth, done through an opening in the tooth’s crown to gain access to the pulp chamber. The root canal system is cleaned, and medication is put into root canal to clear out any infection, sealed with a filling to prevent the infection. 

When the soft issue inside the root canal known as pulp becomes infected either due to tooth decay or damage to teeth, it may cause severe toothaches, swelling or abscess of the gum near the affected tooth which requires root canal treatment to control the infection and promote healing of the surrounding tissues. However, the effectiveness of root canal treatment depends on the complexity of the problem or the tooth. Each of a tooth's roots may have more than 1 canal, and multi-rooted teeth make the root canal treatment more complicated.
Medical technology has enables the use of a microscope to facilitate dental treatment especially root canal treatment.  Dental microscope allows the orthodontist to view inside the tooth and the pulp chamber more clearly, discover all the tiny details that cannot be seen by the naked eyes. Dental operating microscope enables the dentist to precisely access to the infected areas.  With the microscope, we can reduce the risk of tooth fracture, spot the hidden canals and completely clean the tooth. 
Dental operating microscope is help in root canal treatment, the process will become more precise, the pain is reduced and the result lasts longer.
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