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A Nasopharyngoscopy is a quick procedure to help the doctor view the nasopharynx (the nose, the area behind the nose, the back of the tongue, the throat and the voice box). A thin fiberoptic tube with a camera on the end is inserted into the nose to provide images of the area. With only 10 centimeter tube, the procedure enables ENT specialist to find the real cause of problem; meanwhile, the patient can also view the “Real time full HD” together with the doctor.


Reasons for Nasopharyngoscopy
A nasopharyngoscopy may be performed by an ENT specialist to investigate the cause of various nose and throat problems including:
        -    Hoarseness
        -    Sore throat
        -    Nosebleeds
        -    Snoring
        -    Sinusitis
        -    Lumps or other abnormal growths 
Nasopharyngoscopy can be used to evaluate nasopharyngeal cancer which is commonly found in South East Asia. In Thailand, considerably more men than women are affected by nasopharyngeal cancer due to smoking behavior and the average age found is about 50 years old (younger to middle age).  It is said that 60% of patients who visit the doctor are already in severe stage; that is, the cancer is already spread, with the symptoms of swollen lymph nodes, hearing loss, nasal blockage or stuffiness, bloody discharge from the nose.  When the cancer spreads to the brain, it perhaps leads to facial numbness and crossed eyes. Nasopharyngoscopy allows the doctor an optimum view of the area, detecting any lumps or abnormal cells that may become cancerous.
Benefit of Nasopharyngoscopy
Nasopharyngoscopy provides more accurate than normal X-Ray, doctors can safely and precisely examine the entire upper respiratory tract without the use of irradiation. During the procedure, small samples of tissue can be removed from the area for biopsy. The cost of Nasopharyngoscopy is cheaper than the typical X-Ray. It can be performed as an outpatient basis in the examination room and the procedure is very brief and typically takes only a few minutes.
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