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Health Promotion Center


The Phyathai 2 Health Promotion Center is a complete health check-up center for those wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our extensive list of medical check-ups allows each patient to select the most appropriate health program based on their needs. Under the professional care of our doctors who have access to the world’s leading medical technology, you can be certain that your health is in safe hands.


The Check-Up Center was established to uncover any factors that can lead to an illness. This complete and thorough approach is conducted so that any detected illness can be treated and immediately reduced. Our aim is to keep all our patients healthy providing them with a high quality of life.



Our Facility

Examination rooms

X-RAY department

Medical laboratory



Our Services

The center maintains an excellent standard of medical care, offering clients a range of medical check-up packages. Our all-in-one medical service is strictly controlled within the highest medical regulations in accordance with the ministry.


Our service includes:


               -    All inclusive medical check-up

               -    Medical check-up for new employment

               -    Pre-travel check-up

               -    Annual check-up for companies.

               -    Onsite medical-check up service

               -    Medical check-up for Medical Certificate


Anti-aging treatment


Treatments that focus on slowing down the biological aging process and preventing age-related diseases on the molecular and cellular level in each person. The follow up treatments are includes symptom monitoring and result evaluation on the changes of blood cell level, vitamin level, hormone level, Food Intolerance (Food IgG), the high level of heavy metal residual in the bloodstream and also genetic testing. 


Services include:


Revital Life Programs :  Health screening & Live blood analysis that can be used to indicate health risks of several organ systems: including the digestive system, liver function, immune system, deficiency vitamins and minerals, imbalance of hormone level, oxidative stress, immune function, and many more which are able to predict the probable cause of degenerative diseases, such as atherosclerosis and cancer. We offer a full range of comprehensive revital life programs to suit every need and every age, which are:
        -    Revital Life -  Antioxidants Program
        -    Revital Life – Micronutrients Program
        -    Revital Life – Hormones Program
Vitamin Fresh IV: The key ingredients in this drip include essential Vitamin C to booster for the immune system, as an anti-viral and anti-oxidant, reduces tiredness and fatigue and also increase your energy level
Vitamin Booster IV : This drip include Vitamin C and Multivitamins to boost and restore youthful radiance by enhancing on your skin quality and improving on the body’s energy levels to increase overall well-being
Chelation Therapy: This therapy using EDTA is now performed to remove heavy metals and toxins from our bodies, including lead, mercury, copper, iron, arsenic, aluminum and calcium. It has potential for reducing the risk of heightened inflammation, heart disease, infections and more. Chelation is therefore one of the recommended anti-aging health treatment.



Location & Service Hour

Service Hours Daily : Monday to Friday  6.30 am. – 8.00 pm. / Saturday and Sunday 6.30 am. - 5.00 pm.

Location: Phyathai2 Hospital, 7th Floor, Building B

Contact :  Phyathai Call Center 1772 or Call + 66-(0)2 617-2444 ext  3752

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Dr. Sant Chaiyodsilp

Specialty : Family medicine

Health Promotion Center



  • Bachelor of Science, Prince of Songkla University, Songkla,  Thailand, 1976


  • Doctor of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University, Songkla, Thailand, 1978


Board Certification


  • Board Certified by The Thai Board of Thoracic Surgery, 1985


Fellowship and Training


  • Fellowship of The Royal College of Surgeon of Thailand (FRCST), 1985


  • Certificate in Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Full Regristra Traning, Greenland Hospital, Aukland Health Board, New Zealand, 1991


  • American Heart Association's ACLS, Instr., Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.,1995


Work Experiences


  • Senior Registra, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Unit, Greenland Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand, 1989-1991


  • Thoracic surgeon and General surgeon at Saraburi Regional Hospital, Saraburi, Thailand, 1991-1993


  • Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgeon at Rachavithi Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, 1993-1999


  • Director of Phyathai Heart Center, Phyathai 2 Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, 1999-2002


  • Executive director, Phyathai 2 Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, 2002-2004


  • Director of Kasemrad Heart Center, Kasemrad Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, 2004-2005


  • Executive Director, Kasemrad Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, 2005-2006




  • President of The Thai Resuscitation Foundation, Thailand


  • Council member of The Thai Resuscitation Foundation (Thai Heart Association), Thailand


  • Council member of The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Foundation of Thailand


Day From To Week Center
Tue 9.00 17.00    
Wed 9.00


Thu 9.00 17.00    


Dr.Krasien Mahapon

Specialty : Family medicine

Health Promotion Center



  • MD., Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand, 1986


Board Certification


  • ฺDiploma of the Thai Board  of Cardiovascular and cardiothoracic, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand, 1992


  • Diploma of the Thai Board  of Family Medicine, The Medical Council of Thailand, 2002


Work Experinces


  • Surgeon, Surgery Department, Ramathibodi Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, 1988-1991


  • Surgeon, Surgery Department, Khonkaen Hospital, Khonkaen, Thailand, 1991-1996


Day From To Week Center
Mon 7.00 17.00    
Wed 7.00 17.00    
Fri 7.00 17.00    
Sat 7.00 15.00    
Sun 7.00 17.00    


Dr.Rodjalakh Siwasattayanon

Specialty : Family Medicine and Occupational Health

Health Promotion Center



  • Medical degree, Faculty of Medicine, Rangsit University, Pathuthani, Thailand, 1996-2002


Board Certification


  • Diploma of the Thai Board of  Family Medicine, Lerdsin Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, 2005-2007


Work experiences


  • Family medicine doctor at  Lerdsin Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, 2001-2003


  • Physician at Nawamin Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, 2002


  • Occupational physician in Department of Medical service, Ministry of Public Health, Bangkok, Thailand, 2006
Day From To Week Center
Mon 9.00 15.00     
Tue 9.00 17.00    
Thu 9.00 17.00    
Fri 9.00 17.00    


Dr.Kobkullaya Chuengprasertsri

Specialty : Anti-aging medicine

Health Promotion Center


  • MD., Faculty of Medicine (second-class honors), Khonkaen University, Khonkaen, Thailand 2009


  • Clerkship at Khonkaen Hospital, Khonkaen, Thailand, 2010-2013


  • Master degree in Dermatology, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 2016




  • Certificate Advanced Nutrition for and Wellness training program (IFNW) 2016


  • American Nuturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMBC) 2016


Academic Activity
  • Certificate of Attendance Third International Bangkok Congress on Anti-Aging and Regenerative M( BCAARM ) & First International Thaicosderm Congress on Aesthetic medicine ( ITCAM ), Bangkok , Thailand, 2nd -4th September  2011


  • Certificate of Attendance : International Congress of Aesthetic Dermatology ( ICAD ) ,Bangkok , Thailand , 20th -21th January 2012


  • Certificate of Attendance : Short Course in Dermatology 33th , Dermatoloical society of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand , 11th -22th February 2012


  • Certificate of Attendance to valuable knowledge of The Anti-Aging Physician’s Approach to Obesity and Weight Management : Thai Association of Anti-Aging and regenerative Medicine, Bangkok ,Thailand 25th February 2012


  • Journal of Dermatological Society of Thailand : A Randomized, Split-face, Comparative Study Between 1,064 nm Q-Switched Nd-YAG Laser and 25 % Trichloroacetic Acid Peeling for Treatment of Refractory Melasma.


  • Attendance Regenerative Medicine Stem Cell Program at Tokyo Woman’s Medical University , Waseda University, Japan 2015


  • Attendance Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine program at Aoyama Institute of Woman’s Medicine, Japan 2015


Day From To Week Center
Mon 8.00 16.00    
Tue 8.00 16.00    
Wed 8.00 16.00    
Fri 8.00 14.00