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Our Pregnancy Service

The important time in women life is giving birth to a child. At Phyathai women center, our obstetrician provides all the information to take the best care of yourself and your unborn baby during the journey to parenthood. We will help you through the journey to parenthood and determine the childbirth approach that is right for you. We also have maternal Fetal Medicine physicians specialize in providing care for women who are at high risk for problems during their pregnancies
Pregnancy Care Services
                        -        Blood test for pre-marriage / Blood test for expectant mother
                        -        Thalassemia screening
                        -        Hepatitis B detection
                        -        Other risk conditions detection, including, diabetes
                        -        Pregnancy check-up by Ultrasound 2D, Ultrasound 4D
                        -        Screening test for Down’s syndrome
                        -        Delivery package for natural birth and Caesarean section
                        -        High risk pregnancy care
In addition, for couples who may have difficulty in getting pregnant, we have reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialists to provide personalized care and assist you to become parents. The advanced reproductive technology is available from IVF, ICSI, Pre-Implantation Generic Diagnosis or Screening, Egg Freezing to surgical sperm retrieval.
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