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Dental Bleaching or Whitening

Having an attractive smile and healthy white teeth is important; it can increase your confidence and make a great first impression. However, when times passes, tooth discoloration has evolved, usually resulting from coffee, wine, cola, smoking or just a natural part of getting older. Bleaching is an alternative to get your teeth white again.



What is dental bleaching?
Dental Bleaching or Whitening is the use of hydrogen peroxide, decomposing to oxygen that penetrates the enamel to reach the discolored molecules inside the tooth and whiten the teeth
Why you should try dental bleaching?
        -    To increase your confidence
        -    To improve your personality
        -    To make a first impression
        -    To remove the years of cumulative stain rom your teeth
How dental bleaching are performed?
1. In-office Power Bleaching – it is performed in the clinic by the dentist using high-concentration hydrogen peroxide and probably an activating light or laser to produce faster result.
Advantage: Save time, only a single appointment is needed 
Disadvantage: As a result of high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, there is a risk of tooth sensitivity.
2. At-home Bleaching – it is dentist-supervised home whitening, a custom-made mouth tray and low-concentration whitening gel will be given by your dentist to wear it overnight while you sleep.
Advantage: Less feeling of sensitive tooth, less expensive
Disadvantage: Long length of time, weeks or a month; discomfort in wearing a tray.

3. In-office assisted Bleaching- it is teeth whitening for those who have darker shade of tooth, the procedure begins at dentist office first and then continue the treatment at home.
4. Over-the-counter Bleaching – A teeth whitening which allows you to do it yourself at home. It is unsupervised process, you can buy over-the counter whitening products from any pharmacy or beauty stores, which may come in the type of whitening strips, whitening gel or tooth-bleaching kits,
Disadvantage: Some ready-made trays provided with home teeth whitening products often does not fit properly with the teeth, causing discomfort and the leak of bleaching gel onto your gums. The leak of the whitening gel also leads to ulcers or blistering.
Caution: Often, over-the-counter products do not say how much concentration of hydrogen peroxide they contain. The higher concentration, the more feeling of tooth sensitivity and this method is not performed under dentist supervision.
5. Internal Bleaching – It is the whitening process for tooth that has been traumatized or root-filled before. The bleaching is done on specific tooth and within the tooth, sealed with a temporary filling, followed by dentist appointments to assess the shade of the tooth. If the tooth reaches desired shade, the access hole is closed with permanent filling. 
How safe dental bleaching is?
From many researches, dental bleaching and whitening is considered safe and can produce the satisfactory result. Whitening products that are sold in the market has been proved not to have a side effect in term of tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. However, you should select clinically-proved whitening products, follow the instruction given on the label as well as consult with experienced dentist.
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