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Mini Scarless Double Eyelid Surgery

Typically, there are several techniques of double eyelid surgery and the three most prominent types are:


1.  Incisional Double eyelids

2.  Buried Suture technique

3.  Mini –Scar technique which the width of scar is approximately 1-1.6 cm.


The recovery time for all three mentioned techniques are at least 2-3 weeks until the patient eyelids appear normal and natural. However, the latest technique has been introduced.


It is known as “Scarless technique” which the incisions are made on the eyelid for only 3 millimeters. This type of surgery can be performed during lunch time and the patient can return to work in the afternoon. Without external stitch shown, their colleagues do not even know this. Not only young people can find this technique attractive but people aged more than 40 years old without a lot of droopy eyelids are also interested to do the double eyelid surgery with “scarless technique”.


Normally, the scarless technique” is performed on women and men with single eyelid.  It can also be done to enhance an inadequately defined, asymmetrical, or unstable crease.



1. Recovery time is significantly shorter, patient can return to work the next day after the surgery.

2. Only a little scar is left due to the use of tiny incision (3 mm).

3. Sutures removal is not necessary as the incision is very small, it is healed naturally.

4. Scarless technique brings more natural appearance.

5. Repair of unsatisfactory double eyelid can be done after 1-2 weeks of the surgery (in case of asymmetry of the creases)

6. Scarless technique can be done to improve people with triple eyelids, deep eye socket, asymmetric eyelid crease and small eyes.


Disadvantages from physician’s experience

1. If the eyelid of the patient is considerably wrinkly, the double eyelid with small creases may appear in the corner of the eye after the surgery. However, this can be fixed by create another incision in the corner of the eye.

2. If there is a lot of upper lid fat (puffy upper eyelid), the careful removal of excess eyelid-skin is required to avoid unclear eyelid crease.

3. The experience of the surgeon can affect the outcome of the surgery; surgeon with less experience might develop eyelid crease that is not apparent. The new eyelid crease may soften until it seems invisible in the patient view. In this case, revision surgery can be performed in the same area but it should be done within 1 month for the best result.


Although scarless technique for double eyelid surgery offers more advantages, it doesn’t mean that all problems of eyelid crease can be solved. Consultation with the appropriate specialist is recommended for investigating the problem before any surgical options is chosen.  Scarless technique may help create the naturally beautiful look for some but not for others.


Dr. Adunchai Sangsert

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Phyathai 2 Hospital


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