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24 hours Pediatric Center to serve Thai and foreign customers.

Phyathai 2 hospital launched Pediatric Center to provide comprehensive care for children and their family. The center offers the medical specialists 24 hours a day and adds more examination rooms to support an increasing of Thai and foreign customers. The new development will support an expansion to AEC market in a collaboration of Referral system with hospitals in nearby countries. The outlook of first quarter performance is increased 9.6% compared with last year.  



Dr.Anantasak Apairatana, Hospital Executive Director of Phyathai 2 Hospital said “To support customers’ need in healthcare market which rapidly increases, the hospital has improved medical services and standard to get ready for expansion of patients volume. We have just launched “Phyathai 2 Pediatric Center” to provide service excellence including better examination rooms, pediatricians and nurses. The volume of customers in first half-year in 2016 divided into 301,428 outpatients (OPD) and 31,077 inpatients (IPD). The services mainly focuses on newborn until 15-year children in Thailand and from aboard. The hospital also provides special medical treatment for children who are in critical injured and needs intensive care with advanced referral system from throughout Thailand. We are also prompt to support a transferred admission of international children who need a constantly intensive treatment through “24 hours Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). The amount of this patient group is gradually increasing.



Phyathai 2 Pediatric Center offers high experienced medical team, pediatric physicians and nurses who are specially trained to care for children in One Stop Service. The pediatric care includes newborn, cardiology, bone marrow transplantation, child development, child and adolescent mental Health, allergy, respiratory and others



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