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The highlight of the property is the medical staff

Sawasdee ka, my name is Chariya, Today I will tell you about my son illness. My son symptom started from tiredness, pale appearance, bleeding in the mouth, in the urine, nose and skin hemorrhages found.  I took him to see the doctor in Cambodia, after doctor visit, the doctor informed that my son had Leukemia. At that time, the doctor told me that Leukemia cannot be cured; anyone with this disease will die soonest. After hearing that from the doctor, I was totally shocked and thought that my son would not survive. However, I did not give up because I thought that there would be one hospital that has specialist in Leukemia treatment. Finally, I decided to travel to Thailand by an airplane. As soon as arriving, I brought my son to visit Dr.Suradej. My son then was treated by chemotherapy as well as bone marrow transplant from mother to child. From the worse beginning, until he got better and now has been recovered.  This makes me very happy.  So, I believe in the medical services at Phyathai 2 Hospital especially in quality patient care. Finally, I would like to thank Phyathai 2 Hospital for excellent care of my son.


Mrs.Chariya, Cambodian


Patient testimonial

The supportive care received helped him feel secure with his treatment.


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The best medical treatment we found at Phyathai 2 Hospital

Richa Sharma and Jasmine Sharma

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Friendly Staff and Professional Services

Ms.Channa May, Cambodian

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Excellent service provided at Phyathai 2 Hospital

Miss Serey Phal Kien, Cambodian

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A very good care from all the doctors, nurses, and staff

Mr.Lucky Aakhand, Bangladeshi

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Professional medical service and great support from doctor

Salim Sultan Alakrobi

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Extremely helpful with a smile and very caring nature.

Miss Gail Fenwick, British

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Thank you for your patience and helpful, I’m very satisfied.

Dr. (Mrs.) Sun Moon Lay

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Excellent treatment and excellent service

Ananya Roy, Bangladeshi

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Sincere service at Phyathai 2 hospital

Ms. Sharmeen Fieruz, Bangladeshi

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All thanks and appreciation and respect for the distinguished medical staff at the Phyathai 2 hospital

Mr.Khaled Abdullah Al-Shehhi

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High Standard Medical Service with Professional Care

Paul Van Meersbergen

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