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Heart Center 


Heart Center is the foremost cardiac treatment center in Asia. The center offers a wide range of diagnostic tests and treatments for heart-related diseases. Cardiac or chest treatment and Surgery We have a team of highly skilled specialists, nurses working together to ensure success in each of these procedures. Modern technology and minimally invasive surgery technique have been utilized in the center including Coronary Artery Bypass. We are equipped with the state-of the –art facilities. 

The Facility


Mobile CCU (Coronary Care Unit):

For emergency cases, we do have a Mobile CCU van specifically for cardiac conditions. Mobile CCU ambulance is outfitted with respirator; EKG monitor, Pulse oximeter, and Infusion pump which are important for saving lives of cardiac patients


Hybrid Operating theatre:

Hybrid Operating room is developed to merge interventional approach with traditional surgical function of the operating room, allowing the cardiologist to perform minimally invasive and open-surgery techniques simultaneously.


This center is certified by the Joint Commission International Standards of Clinical Care Program Certifications (CCPC) on the Acute MI (Acute Myocardial infarction) program.