Women Center 


Women Center offers an extensive range of services for woman, including screening tests and treatment through surgery by well-trained and highly skilled Gynecologists. The new innovation surgery technique performs in this center such as the Scarless technique of Laparoscope Gynecology Surgery (Single port technique). Moreover, we also provided the clinical care for the high risk pregnancy mother by the Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor (MFM Doctor).The center includes ten examination rooms equipped with up-to-date medical equipment such as Ultrasound 4D, Digital Mammogram, Bone Densitometry, Thin-Pep Prep Test, Colposcope and Biopsy. 


We provide the “Mom Club” as a platform for the new mother to receive the useful information and sharing their experience among each other.


Moreover, we also have Assisted Reproductive Technology clinic which provide high-end infertility technologies such as Artificial insemination, Microarray, IUI, IVF, and remarkably safe technique - ICSI.