All you can check program

Basic Check-up 21 choices* First vist must be within May 31, 2024 Limit Male Female
Physical Examination 2 times/year
Vital signs Unlimited
Chest X-ray
Urine Examination
Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)
Alk Phosphatase
Uric Acid
Advance Check Up (Select 6 categories from 9 categories)
Category 1 : Stroke Screening Limit Male Female
Ultrasound Doppler Carotid 1 time/year
Category 2 : Heart Screening Limit Male Female
(All programs selected)
Exercise stress test EST 1 time/year
Echocardiogram ECHO 1 time/year
Ankle Brachial Blood Pressure Index ABI 1 time/year
Category 3 : Cancer Screening Limit Male Female
(Select 4 programs)
Thinprep 1 time/year  
HPV DNA COBAS 1 time/year  
Ultrasound Transvagina (TVS) 1 time/year  
Digital Mammogram with US Breast 1 time/year  
PSA Unlimited  
AFP Unlimited
CA 19-9 Unlimited
CEA Unlimited
CA 15-3 – Breast Cancer Unlimited  
CA 125 – Ovary Cancer Unlimited  
Category 4 : Thyroid Screening Limit Male Female
(All programs)
Ultrasound Thyroid 1 time/year
Thyroglobulin 2 times/year
Category 5 : Gastrointestinal and Liver Screening Limit Male Female
(Select 5 programs)
HBs Ag + Anti HBs Unlimited
Anti HBc (HBcAb) Unlimited
Anti-HCV Unlimited
Anti HAV IgM Unlimited
Anti-HAV (IgM+IgG) Unlimited
Stool Examination + Occult Blood Unlimited
US Upper Abdomen 2 times/year
US Lower Abdomen 2 times/year
Gamma GT 2 times/year
Total Protein + Albumin + Globulin 2 times/year
Category 6 : Bone and Joint Screening Limit Male Female
(Select 1 program)
BMD Lumbar Spine Hip 2 point 1 time/year
Orthoscanogram (Knee or Whole spine AP) 1 time/year
Category 7 : CT Scan Limit Male Female
(Select 1 program)
CT Brain 1 time/year
CT Chest 1 time/year
CT screening Paranasal Sinuses 1 time/year
CT screening KUB Stone 1 time/year
CT – Calcium scoring 1 time/year
Category 8 : Eye and Ear screening  Limit Male Female
(All programs)
Otological Examination 2 times/year
Audiogram 1 time/year
Eye Examination No limit
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) 1 time/year
Category 9 : Physical Fitness and Body Balance Screening  Limit Male Female
(All programs)
Posture Check 3 times/year
Muscle Check 3 times/year
Body Check 3 times/year
Consultation by Physical Therapist 3 times/year


Term and conditions (Main Package)
1. The package can be purchased between 12 December 2023- 31 March 2024
2. Duration and How to receive the service
2.1 For the basic check-up group, the patient needs to undergo health screening for the first time by 31 May 2024
2.2 If the patient cannot undergo health screening for basic check-up group within 31 May 2024, they are able to undergo the screening for the first time after 31 May 2024 but the duration of the program will end on 31 May 2025 (Not 365 day like the customer who receive the service according to normal term
2.3 For Basic check-up, the examination items 2-21 can be tested unlimitedly. However, this depends on the discretion of the physician
2.4 The patient can undergo Advance check-up screening only after undergoing Basic check-up already
2.5 The patient is able to receive the health screening service within 365 days or 1 year by counting from the first day of check-up.
2.6 For the following visit, the physician needs to be the same physician when undergoing basic check-up
3. Program service fee
3.1 The mentioned health screening program includes doctor fee and hospital charge for the 1st visit and the 2nd visit only.
3.2 For the third visit, the examination items will be determined according to the consideration of the physician.
3.3 If the patient choose the cancer category (3rd category in advance check-up). There will be additional charges for breast cancer screening
4. The given price does not include the doctor fee in other specialized clinics. In case abnormalities are found and the patient needs to be referred to visit specialist in other clinics, the patient is required to pay the additional doctor fee.
5. The given price include food coupon and check-up report for the first check-up visit
6. For examinations item in CT Scan category
6.1 If the physician determine to use contrast media to check abnormalities, the patient needs to pay for contrast media ( the cost of contrast media is between 8,000-15,000 THB according to the quantity of contrast media used in the examination
6.2 To undergo CT scan, it depends on physician’s discretion
7. A change of examination items in Advance check-up category
7.1 If the patient choose the preferred category but does not undergo all categories, the patient can change the check-up category within 1 year
7.2 If the patient already undergo all categories, the patient cannot change the category on the follow-up date (2nd examination)
8. To receive the health check-up service, the patient needs to make an appointment in advance via Phyathai Call Center 1772 (24 hours)
9. As some X-Ray items cannot be provided in the same day, the hospital reserve the right to arrange the queue suitably
10. The company reserve the right to alter any conditions without prior notice
11. To undergo examinations in each category, receiving the health screening service and additional hospital charges depends on the branch of hospital that you choose.
12. After using this program, the person receiving the service cannot transfer the right of the package for others to use. The patient must be the same person throughout the program.
13. The above package is for health examination and services at the outpatient department (OPD) only. It does not applied to examination/treatment services at the inpatient department (IPD).
14. In the event that the customers do not come to receive the service within mentioned period, the hospital reserves the right not to refund in any cases.
15. The above package is a special price and cannot be exchanged into cash, other merchandises or other services and cannot be asked for a refund in any cases.
16. The above package must be used at Phyathai 2 only and cannot be changed in other Phyathai branches.
Terms and Conditions on receiving service (Additional package)
1. The above price is inclusive of doctor's fees and hospital service fees except Huber 360 and RED CORD which includes hospital service fees but exclusive of doctor's fees.
2. The hospital reserves the right to serve Vitamin Drip package only to those with Creatinine values greater than 1.1 mg./dL for men and greater than 1.0 mg.dL for women.
3. Actual additional fees may apply to Weight loss pen/ Huber 360 / RED CORD upon first consultation with a doctor.
4. Uthera package is inclusive of the anesthetic patch fee. The doctor will evaluate appropriate number of lines based on patient's facial skin condition and need.
5. The above MRI examination package is inclusive of the specialist fee to report the results, and exclusive of dye (contrast), hospital service fee and nurse service fee.
6. Use of service is valid until 31 May 2024.
7. For your convenience, advance appointment must be made as follows:
– Vitamin Drip package / Intestinal Balance Screening / Weight loss pen / Dexa scan: Contact Premier Life Center at 7 fl., Building B, tel.02-617-2444 ext 3857 or 065-517-1889.
– HUBER 360 / RED CORD package: Contact Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy, 16 Fl., Building A, tel. 02-617-2444 ext 1618.
– IPL / Ulthera paclage: Contact Beauty Center, 2 Fl., Building A, tel. 02-617-2444 ext 4204, 4205ใ
– MRI package: Contact Health Promotion Center ( Premium Health Screening), 8 Fl., Building B, tel 02-6172444 ext 4100.
8. The customer receiving the service on an additional package must be the same person using main package (ALL YOU CAN CHECK / ALL YOU CAN CHECK PLUS). The right cannot be transferred or changed to other person.
9. The above packages cannot be exchanged into cash, other merchandises or other services and cannot be refunded in any cases.
10. The above packages can only be used at Phyathai 2 Hospital. 
Additional Package if you buy all you can check program: 
Beauty and Relaxing Vitamin Drip  = 3,500 THB
Intestinal balance check Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Panel = 9,000 THB
One Injection of Saxenda = 5,500 THB
Three Injections of Saxenda = 15,600 THB
Six  Injections of Saxenda = 29,500 THB
Nine Injections of Saxenda = 43,000 THB
Twelve Injections of Saxenda = 56,000 THB
Dexa scan = 3,000 THB
Physical rehabilitation (Huber 360 Revolution) =  3,000 THB
Movement rehabilitation (Red Core Exercise) = 3,000 THB
One time of IPL = 4,500 THB
One time of Ulthera (300 line) = 29,900 THB
MRI Brain = 5,000 THB
MRI C-Spine = 5,000 THB
MRI LS-Spine = 5,000 THB
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