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Comprehensive Women Health Check

In addition to having healthy habit like regular exercise, right and balanced diet, stress management, scheduling routine health screening is significant to detect the health problem earlier when it is still treatable. Health exam of women usually involves pelvic exam which a doctor evaluate reproductive organs.


During pelvic exam, a doctor will also usually do a pap test to collect the cell from the cervix, examine under a microscope and find changes that may cause cervical cancer. It is the first step to see you have the chance to develop cervical cancer. In general, Pap smear test is recommended every three years when your age is at around 21. Frequent tests may be needed depending on your age and medical history.


Women's health check-up also include breast exam such as ultrasound breast and digital mammogram to check for any breast abnormalities and look for the sign of breast cancer. The doctor will know the location and the size of the lump found. Ultrasound breast also assist the doctor to determine whether it is a solid tumor or a fluid-filled cyst. Both Digital Mammogram and Ultrasound Breast are the quick tests which the result will be released in a couple of hours.


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