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Providing a comprehensive health checkup

It is recommended that a person should visit a doctor for a routine checkup at least once a year. Regular health check-up is considered vital as it can help identify the health problems earlier. The earlier health problems are detected, the more chance of successful treatment.  


At Phyathai 2 international Hospital, we offer medical check-up services to help you live a healthy lifestyle and prevent the possible diseases.  Medical check - up will be carried out by qualified family doctors who have many experiences and expert knowledge in the field of diagnosis, prevention and early recognition.  Patients can receive analysis of their current health condition and discuss it with the physicians. If necessary, you may be referred to specialists to consult for specific conditions and tailored plans. 
We provide various types of Health Checkup packages; all of them are designed to suit patient’s need such as following.
               -     Annual medical check-up
               -     Pre-employment checkups
               -     Pre-travel check-up
               -     Company health check-up
               -     Onsite medical-checkup service
               -     Medical check-up for Medical Certificate (Work-Permit)
Not only do we provide a health screening services, but we educate our customers on how to live a healthy lifestyle. 

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