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Gastric Balloon for Weigh Loss Treatment

Many people find that their everyday life affected by their weight. It is difficult for them to exercise or even to move around normally. In the long term, it also increases your chance to develop many health conditions including:


           -    Heart diseases and stroke

           -    High blood pressure

           -    Diabetes

           -    Some cancers

           -    Gallbladder disease and gallstones

           -    Osteoarthritis

           -    Gout

           -    Breathing problems, such as sleep apnea and asthma


Dr. Wisit Kasetsermviriya, an expert surgeon in the field of laparoscopic surgery of the Advance Minimally Invasive Surgery Center, Phyathai 2 Hospital explains that the innovative weight loss method without surgery is performed by inserting a gastric balloon through the mouth into the stomach of a patient. For overweight people, this is an option that can make them become good looking as well as reduce many chronic diseases that they have. It has been used in various countries for the purpose of healing chronic diseases caused by obesity. 



What does the gastric balloon look like?
The gastric balloon is made from silicone which is not harmful to the stomach when being inserted. It is filled with water to an average quantity of 400-500 cc in order to make the patient always feel full and consequently eat less. The period of insertion is approximately 6 months to 1 year and the average weight loss of each patient is around 20 kilograms. In case the patient wants to remove the balloon ahead of schedule, it is also possible to do so.
Probable complications 
The chance of complications arising from using gastric balloon to reduce weight is 0.27% compared with weight loss surgery with probable complications of 7-9%. The common complication symptoms from the balloon are nausea, vomit and colic during the first week of insertion. Some patients can also use this method to reduce some weight before undergoing weight loss surgery. After the balloon has been inserted, the nutritionists will suggest appropriate food consumption and behavior modifications to the patients so that they change their eating habits and have eating discipline after the balloon is removed. Generally, during the first month of inserting the gastric balloon, patients are recommended to eat a soft diet and take some medicines that help reduce stomach irritation. The doctors in charge will follow up with patients closely and will provide suggestions as well as guidance both physically and mentally to the patients to help them achieve their target.
Above all, the core of weight loss is you, who wants to lose weight.  Innovative weight loss without surgery is only a tool that helps you reduce your weight properly with no effect to your health at the first stage. But in the long run, the nutrition knowledge and suggestions from the experts together with your effort to change your eating habit will help you choose only good things  for your body and then you will live a good life, the proper weight and say goodbye to the fatness permanently on your own.  


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