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Preparation for COVID19 Vaccine

1.Do not receive COVID-19 vaccine together with any other vaccines.  Other vaccines can be given after 4 weeks to avoid any side effects.


2.Inform the physician if you have any underlying diseases


3.Postpone the vaccination date later around 1-2 week if you have fever or get sick


4.Inform the physician if you got Hemophilia


5.For a person who has chronic diseases, do not stop medications except from physician’s recommendation.


6.Inform the physician if you have any drug allergies


7.Avoid vaccination if you are pregnant or suspected of pregnancy.

Dos and Don’ts before and afer receiving the vaccine 

1.Kindly restrain caffeine ( tea or coffee) intake prior and after receiving the vaccine the entire day


2.Make sure you have not taken Influenza vaccine a month before receiving the Covid vaccine


3.After vaccination, if you have heavy body ache, you can take half tablet of paracetamol (500 mg.) with a gap of 6 hours, make sure not to take Brufen , Arcoxia or Celebrex ( NSAIDS).


4.Receive the vaccine on the arm you don’t use much for daily activities and after vaccination, make sure to rest the arm and do not carry heavy objects with vaccinated arm.


5.Make sure you are well rested; have at least 8 hours of sleep the night before being vaccinated.


6.Make sure you are hydrated , kindly drink 1 Liter of water on the day before receiving the vaccine.


7.Make sure you do not have a fever or other sickness on the day you shall receive the vaccine.


8.Restrain from alcohol consumption 2-3 days before and after being vaccinated 


9.Restrain from Exercise or weight lifting 2-3 days before and after being vaccinated 


10.Don’t Exert and Just relax!



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