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Digital Mammography

At breast care clinic of Phyathai 2 Hospital, improved screening test like digital mammography is available to find the cancer before it spreads into other parts of the body. Instead of recording the breast on the x-ray film, digital mammography produce image of the breast on a computer screen, so abnormalities can be seen more clearly and easily.


Apart from that, the radiologist can change the contrast of the image to provide a clearer picture in case of dense breast issue that usually appears to be white on the film. Moreover, when digital images stored on the computer, it allows quick and easy transmission. By this it means that images of the breast can be forwarded to other specialists for second opinion.


Normally, it is recommended that women aged 50-70 should have mammograms every 2 years. However, if you notice the change in your breast or one of your family members has ever had breast cancer, talk to healthcare provider.
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