Phyathai 2 International Hospital

Opened in 1987, Phyathai 2 International Hospital provides Thai and international patients with exceptional medical services from our team of experienced and qualified doctors and nurses. With state-of-the-art medical technology and a commitment to promoting sustainable operations, Phyathai 2 International Hospital has separated itself as a leader among international hospitals in Bangkok.
Phyathai 2 International Hospital is home to over 20 specialized service centers covering treatment, rehabilitation, and multiple other subspecialties. We are dedicated to providing personalized medical care to each of our patients and have designed extensive annual health check-up packages that give patients full control of their own well-being. Our world-class healthcare service, warm Thai hospitality, and convenient location just minutes from Sanam Pao BTS make Phyathai 2 Hospital the preeminent international hospital in Bangkok.



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Phyathai 2 Hospital offers high-quality medical services in a wide range of specialties and subspecialties.

 Scroll through our list of clinical services and explore the different treatments and healthcare solutions we provide.


Our team of qualified doctors and medical professionals have designed service packages that address a variety of health issues in addition to our wide selection of annual health check-up packages.

New Year New You 2024

01 February 2024 - 30 June 2024

Welcome 2024 with good health

8,500 THB

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Sparkling Premium Check Up

26 May 2023 - 30 June 2024

Comprehensive check up for both male and female

Male: 17,500 THB, Female: 21,900 THB

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Sparkling Essential Check Up Package

18 January 2023 - 30 June 2024

Essential check up for both male and female

15,000 THB

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Patent Foramen Ovale. An Unfamiliar Hidden Congenital Condition

Patent Foramen Ovale is one of the heart diseases that affect 25 percent of population


Patient Testimonial for Cyberdyne

Cyberdyne Robotic Assisted Device to help restore the walking abilities of especially stroke patients


Voice Feminization Surgery

Voice change surgery can be performed at ENT Center by highly qualified surgeon using standard approach and prioritizing on safety of the patient


Meet our doctor View

Assist Prof.Dr. Pawin Gajaseni

Specialty: Orthopedics Surgery, Spine Surgery, Pediatric Spine Deformity
MD., (2nd Class Honor), Faculty of Medicine, Phramongkutklao College of Medicine, Thailand
Clinical Fellowship in Pediatric Spine Deformity, University of lowa hospitals and clinics, U.S.A.
Clinical Fellowship in Spine Surgery, University of lowa hospitals and clinics, U.S.A.

Our patients speak View

Mr.Khaled Abdullah Al-Shehhi

All thanks and appreciation and respect for the distinguished medical staff at the Phyathai 2 hospital