Milestone towards the center of excellence for treatment

Neurological Center

Neurological Center has assembled a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced neurologists to provide leading neurological care.


The unique fully integrated model of care includes skilled nurses, and advanced equipment such as neuro-navigator, modern microscope and minimally invasive technique to optimize the patient experience.





Heart Center

Heart Center is the foremost cardiac treatment center in Asia.


The center offers a wide range of diagnostic tests and treatments for heart-related diseases, cardiac or chest treatment and Surgery.  We have a team of highly skilled specialists, nurses working together to ensure success in each of these procedures.


Modern technology and minimally invasive surgery technique have been utilized in the center including Coronary Artery Bypass. We are equipped with the state-of the –art facilities




Trauma and Replantation Center

This center provide the treatment for the trauma and replantation on the bone fracture and vascular for the patient who suffer from the serious accident.


The services include surgical reattachment, complete wound care and post-operative care both physically and mentally.


The replantation required the complicated process .For instances, to rejoin the bone, restore the tissues muscles, tendons, arteries, nerves and vein that require the subspecialist in each field. 




Health Promotion Center

With dedicated doctors, nurses and clinic staff, you will get the highest quality of consultation and treatment for all of your primary health needs.


The center offers the unique packages to meet a wide range of individual’s needs such as pre-employment check-up, medical check-up before going abroad and annual medical check-up. 


Women Center

Women Center offers an extensive range of services for woman, including screening tests and treatment through surgery by well-trained and highly skilled Gynecologists.


The new innovation surgery technique performs in this center such as the Scarless technique of Laparoscope Gynecology Surgery (Single port technique).


Moreover, we also provided the clinical care for the high risk pregnancy mother by the Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor (MFM Doctor).The center includes ten examination rooms equipped with up-to-date medical equipment such as Ultrasound 4D, Digital Mammogram, Bone Densitometry, Thin-Pep Prep Test, Colposcope and Biopsy. 




Pediatric Center

We understand how precious your children are. That is why we commit ourselves to providing the very best care and support for your child in a compassionate and comforting environment.


Our services include comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options provided by physicians who are Board Certified in Pediatrics and have extensive experience in providing care to your child from birth to adolescence.